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The Luiz Antonio Scavone Junior law firm is located in this capital city of the State of São Paulo.
The firm activity profile reflects the professional background of its members, so much so that it is fully able to provide extra-judicial and judicial legal services, working both preventively and in Court, in the real estate, corporate, criminal, tax, public administration, civil, and labor areas.

Thus, the firm, through its members, provides juridical consulting services, supplying legal opinions for clients; elaborates nominated or inominated agreements perfectly suiting the clients needs; and it takes care of administrative and judicial litigations, defending the clients interests either as plaintiffs or as defendants.

During its existence, the Luiz Antonio Scavone Junior Law Firm has been providing the aforementioned juridical services to outstanding clients.

Luiz Antonio Scavone Junior
He administrates the firm, managing consulting services and litigation, working in the agreements area, as well as in the very judicial and administrative litigations, especially before the Federal Higher Courts, in Brasília – Federal District.

Bachelor of Arts in Law and in Administration by Mackenzie University, and a Master Degree Graduate in Social Relations Law – sub-area: Civil Law – at PUC/SP – Catholic University of São Paulo.

A Civil and Real Estate Law Professor at Mackenzie Univeristy, and in the specialization course at EPD – Escola Paulista de Direito.

He is the author of several scientific articles published in specialized magazines, a lecturer and the author of the books: "Real Estate in Brazilian Law" (Publisher: Forense),  “Condominium Ordinary and Extraordinary Expenses” (Publisher: Juarez de Oliveira), “Obligations – A Didactic Approach” (Publisher: Revista dos Tribunais), Interest in Brazilian Law (Publisher: Editora Forense), Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation (Publisher: Forense), among several writings.

A lawyer specialized in judicial and administrative litigations, he uses such experience in preventive consulting and agreement elaboration.

The firm also counts on other professionals, equally qualified, working in specific areas under the guidance of lawyer Luiz Antonio Scavone Junior.

Fone: (5511) 5505-1528
Email: [email protected]